What is the diameter of a golf ball?

What is the diameter of a golf ball?
Golf, just like any other sport, is an exciting and engaging game. You not only need a club-and-ball to enjoy this beautiful game with family or friends. You need a few basic skills, an insight, and some technical expertise to be a pro golfer. However, international rules determine how the game is managed and overseen. From the score calculations to penalties and fairness, the game has been made easy and unrestricted. In this article, we will focus on answering one question most enthusiasts ask.
What is the diameter of a golf ball?
According to the R&A (the international governing body of golf), the diameter of a standard golf ball should not be smaller than 42.67mm (1.68 inches).
But, there is a slight difference in diameter when we look at the two major classifications of golf balls.i. The recreation golf ball – This ball has a minimum diameter of approximately 42.70mm. This type of ball is recommended for the slow-swinging golfers.
ii. The advanced/professional golf ball – Pro golf balls should have a diameter of not less than the 42.67mm. Pro golfers with a higher swinging speed usually prefer these kinds of balls.

How does the diameter of a golf ball affect the performance?

A golf ball needs to perform accurately when hit. The 42.67mm golf ball moves at specific symmetry, velocity, and distance for enhanced results/score. According to aerodynamic calculations, the angular upward lift and drag of a standard golf ball are improved to reduce sidespins and better the ball’s flight.

How is performance changed if the ball’s diameter is inaccurate?

If a golf ball is slightly larger or smaller than the 42.67mm, weight, trajectory, and behaviour change significantly.
A much heavier ball will perform below average if you intend to make a 3/4-swing whereas a lighter ball performs well.
To better your chances of becoming a pro-golfer, choose a golf ball with the standard (42.67mm) measurements.

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