What City in the US First Built an 18-hole Golf Course

First 18 hole Golf Course on the US - What City in the US First Built an 18-hole Golf Course

Known as a sport of finesse, an exquisite display of technique and talent, golf has a long history behind its solid foundation. If you’re wondering where the first 18-hole golf course is made, then you’ve come to the right place.

An Introduction to Golf

Golf is a sport that uses a variety of clubs intended for a specific purpose and using fewer strokes as possible to complete a course. The course consists of 9-holes or 18 holes that need ample open space for completion.

It was originally played during the 15th century in the kingdom of Scotland. Ever since golf has been dubbed as a game of royalty and the rich, it is assumed that only the blue-blooded are knowledgeable and skilled of its gameplay. Not to mention that modern golf requires sophistication, finesse and financial resources to obtain the best equipment of the game.

Athletes well-loved in the world and are famous for their golf prowess includes Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, Sergio Garcia, and the late Arnold Palmer.

Answers and Theories for the first 18-hole golf course

History is, indeed a delicate topic to touch. With careful accounts of the people relinquishing the greatness of the game, we discovered the answer to the momentous question, what city in the US was the first 18-hole golf course built?

Chicago Golf Club

The founder of the Chicago Golf Club used to play seven holes with friends, CB Farwell (a landowner), and Hobart Chatfield-Taylor. Encouraged by his golf mates, he initially constructed a 9-hole course at the West of Chicago. Later on, he raised funds to build the first 18-hole golf course in the United States by the year 1893.

However, at the height of the game’s popularity in Chicago, it moved to the state of Illinois. The initial 18-hole course was reverted to a 9-hole golf course. As of this moment, the historical course is operating under the name, “Downer’s Grove Golf Club,” with only nine holes remaining.

Fun Facts about Golf

  • In the 14th century, the developmental period of Golf, wood was used for crafting golf balls. Until the 17th century, wooden golf balls are utilised.
  • During his short-lived moment on the moon, Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., swung a single stroke with a six-iron. The golf ball flew through the moon’s atmosphere.
  • Aside from wooden balls, another type of golf balls sprung to existence during the 14th century. These are called “feathery.

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