How to bet on golf. The right way

How to bet on golf

Golf is considered an aristocratic sport, very popular worldwide. Its rules are quite simple – to pass all the holes in fewer strokes, scoring a ball in them.

Golf Betting Features

Tournaments in this sport are not as frequent as national football or basketball championships, so the trends and dynamics of players’ performance are more difficult to track here. For a long break between competitions, the balance of power may change. You will have to study statistics for a long time, which is publicly available on specialized portals.

Betters are interested not only in large tournaments such as the PGA Tour or The Ryder Cup but also local competitions, where many talented newcomers participate, sometimes completely underestimated. In this regard, it is very important to keep track of all the news from the world of golf and collect useful information, since even the slightest nuances can affect the result.

In bookmaker offices, the ratios can vary significantly. Also, golf is very characterized by a large difference in coefficients even between the participants who are in the neighbouring ranking. Therefore, before the game, it will be useful to study different offers and choose the appropriate option. Optionally, you can place a bet both on the team and on an individual player.

What should I look for before placing a bet?

  • The technical arsenal of players.
The game can take place in any weather, but in the rain, the impact of players’ technique is especially important. This element is not up to the mark at all, therefore, under poor conditions, golfers stronger in this regard should be given priority.
  • Performance statistics for this tournament.
Each platform has its own characteristics that affect the quality of the game. This information will help determine for whom this place is most favourable.
  • Competition
Venue In this sport, playing at home is of no small importance, which significantly motivates the players.

Golf Betting Types

  • Bet on winning a favourite.
It is a very popular form, however, it is worth considering that there are a priori low coefficients, therefore, even if the leader wins, the gain will be small. But his defeat can significantly empty the pockets.
  • Bet on a duel.
In this case, it is necessary to guess who will be the winner or there will be a draw.
  • Match-up bet (one on one).
It implies the determination of a better performance at the competitions of the participants of one pair.
  • Bet on the winner of the tournament.
It is attractive for its high odds, but it’s not easy to guess the best among the many participants (144 people take part in regular tournaments). In some cases, it is proposed to guess his citizenship, and each country has its own coefficient. The practice of the game of experienced betters shows that in order to avoid an increased risk, it is better to play it safe and put several ordinals on different participants.
  • Bet on prize places.
Requires specifying a place in the standings of the selected player.
  • Margin bet.
It is a special kind of handicap that requires you to guess whether the tournament will end early, the number of strokes of the winner or the difference between the strokes of the best player and the second winner.
  • Bet on the best golfer in the country.
Some bookmakers during major competitions offer to put on the leader among the players in favour of one state. An individual coefficient is proposed for each, depending on the level of skill, which can reach 25.0-30.0.
  • A series of special bets.
It is usually associated with important events in the world of golf. For example, it is supposed to determine the end time of a sports career of a player or to make a forecast of weather conditions in a separate competition.
Among other things, you can find rare and not very popular offers that can play very successfully. Among them are the bets on the best player from the group, on the smallest number of goals in the top three, on the winner in the selected round of the championship, on the participant’s exit to the next stage of the competition, on the total number of strokes for the season.
Golf is not one of the most popular sports, but its demand among betting is constantly growing. Success in betting here is largely due to the ability to deeply analyze the situation at a particular moment and to have complete information about the factors that influence the outcome of the game. Whether all this is worth the size of a potential win is up to everyone to decide.

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