How to bend golf clubs lie angle at home

How to bend golf clubs lie angle at home

Much like in every sport, every athlete needs proper gear and equipment that is fitted to him and his play style. This, without being tested for grounds of disqualification. In a golf club, a swing is considered detrimental and is crucial in winning games.  For a golfer to optimise his swing, he’s going to need a golf club that is perfect for him. Most modern golf clubs consists of 3 major components: The grip, the shaft and the club’s head.

If you are a quaint physics enthusiast, you can derive that the perfect calculation for the ball’s direction lies in the force transferred from the golfer’s body to the ball and the club head’s position and handling. When the club’s head collides with the ball, curvature and flight direction is set. This can be the difference between scoring a hole-in-one or face-palming yourself in frustration. In this article, we’re going to determine how you can bend golf clubs lie angle all by yourself.

The Sharpie Method

Yes, we know how you’re raising your eyebrows with this one. But, you’ll be surprised by how effective this method is. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Using a black-inked Sharpie, draw a heavy line on one side of a golf ball. It should be visible or darkened so that its ink will transfer on the golf club when hit.
  2. Try hitting the golf ball with your full strength. This step will leave you with a mark on your golf club. If the line leaves a remarkably straight line, then your golf club is at its preferred angle. If the line is pointing at the toe of the club, the angle needs to be flattened to achieve a more vertical direction. If it’s pointing inwards, you’ll need to bend the club in a more upright direction.

Bending Irons

For a more elaborate and complete DIY set of instructions, here are five steps you can follow. Make sure to wear protective gear when handling equipment and tools to minimise injuries.

  • Register
    With the help of a bending machine, you can register your clubs in a horizontal-faced position. The head sole sits in between two iron sole clamps, and when the top clamp is engaged, the club will not slip.
  • Measuring the Club
    After registering the club, the next crucial step lies in measuring its lie angles. Carefully place the shaft plate against the club’s shaft. Make sure to put the lie plate under the shaft and take note of loft and lie angles.
  • Bending
    By using the bending bar, you can apply pressure to the hosel. Carefully remove each torque with short bumping motions with the bending bar. When bending, make sure you have assessed the degrees you need that is fitted for your club.
  • Re-measure
    Using the same process as the second step, you can assess if you have the perfect lie angle. If not, you can repeat the bending process. Just make sure to note your final measurements for future reference.

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