How long does an average game of 18-hole golf course last?

How long does an average game of 18-hole golf course last

Golf is a sport of remarkable technique, outstanding finesse and hard-taught discipline. If you notice, a game of golf takes patience to learn, commitment to understanding and perfection to execute. While some may not appreciate these values, some people have their interest piqued as the game continues to soar in popularity, all over the world.

If you are a newbie and is wondering how long it would take you to complete a round of 18-hole golf course, this article is for you.

Factors That Determine Game Length

Unknown to many, some considerations affect game length. Golf is often viewed as a single-player sport but, it can be enjoyed by a group of friends as well.


  • Number of Participants


Depending on how many will join, the course will run from 2 hours to a maximum of 5 hours. This number is just a mental picture of how long the course is finished.


  • Tone of Participation


Some golfers enjoy the actual company of friends rather than the game itself. While some, are in for a competitive ride that elevates into a more focused and serious tone when playing. If you belong to the former instance, then expect chit-chats, laughter and silly jokes to contribute to the game’s length. If not, then expect the game to be short.


  • Skill Level of Golfers


Newbies would take more than an average pro player when it comes to swinging a golf ball into an 18-hole golf course. Although pro players take the time to calculate their next moves, newbies don’t.


  • How Challenging The Course Is


A lot of golf courses have made its way to entertain the public with fun and colourful integrations. Some have cute windmills on the holes while some needed to traverse a lake to go over the next hole. Mini-golfing courses for kids and seniors are shorter than regular 18-hole courses.

Answer and Final Thoughts

For a single person that intends to accomplish an 18-hole golf course with minimal swings, a maximum of 2 hours or 3 is needed. A group of friends with 4 participants will complete the course for 4 hours up to 5 hours. However, this average play time will depend on the factors mentioned above. The good thing about golf is it is never a sport that is time-pressured. You can take your time, enjoy good laughs with friends or calculate the next move. 


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