How Fast Do Golf Carts Go

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go

One of the fascinating things about golf is their golf carts. Imagine taking the day and strolling around a majestic golf course in a cute pair of wheels. Unfortunately, only a few select individuals have the financial resources to purchase these sophisticated pieces of machines. If you are one among the few who have experienced or owns a golf cart and is wondering what the maximum speed a golf cart can go, this one’s for you.

Checking for the Speed Limit

Golf carts are used by golfers all around the world to travel a whole golf course while bringing along their golf carts with them. The current design of a golf cart can carry two golfers around conveniently and fast. Some variants are powered with electricity while others are gasoline-powered.
A typical golf cart cannot go over 15 miles per hour as its top speed. A golfer drives around the course from 8 miles per hour to 12 miles per hour. Some modified their golf cart specifications, however, to go beyond this speed.

Ways To Vamp the Speed of Your Golf Cart Legally

Of course, the law has some regulations regarding this aspect, and if you want to buff your cart, there are some things you can do to speed your cart legally.
Increase wheel and tire size

Don’t get us wrong; the rotational output of your engine will remain. But, the surface that will be covered by an increase will be sufficient to add an extra 3 miles per hour speed. However, be cautious in doing this change. Ask your trusty mechanic which size of wheels can fit your golf cart and the maximum size you can choose.

Visit Your Local Dealer for an Upgrade

Take time off to visit your golf cart’s manufacturer or dealer to discuss certain upgrades on your unit. Whether it’s programming your controller or modifying the gas engine, just as long as they are permitted to conduct, you can try. Just make sure that those upgrades will not void your warranty or head over to the accredited dealerships your manufacturer warrants.

Replace the Cart’s Engine or Motor

Most of the time, the solution for a faster golf cart lies in it’s motor or engine. An additional 2-7 miles per hour can be added to your average speed. Just make sure that the resulting speed does not exceed the state speed limit, or you’ll end up with fines piling up and void insurance.

Replace the Golf Cart’s Controller

A lot of modified controllers are available in the market right now that increases speed for various types of vehicles. However, these controllers do not just increase speed but acceleration as well. For some, this might be a small issue but remember that you’re driving a golf cart that is not ideal for such levels of performance.

Just a note of caution before you proceed in doing an engine or motor modifications all by yourself. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about the process and ensure that you are not tampering with the warranty of the vehicle. Also, consult with your insurance guidelines to avoid void transactions that can hamper your safety in the future.

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