How Does Oversized Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

How Does Oversized Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

Like any other sports in the world, having the right equipment, unwavering discipline and perfect-fitting sportswear is all that you need to be the best you can ever be. In the fantastic world of golf, the right-fitting gloves will make you swing like a champ! However, a game-changer was discovered, and it turned out to be beneficial not just for pro golfers but for anyone that likes to play and enjoy the game. Oversized golf grips can improve your game performance! Are you interested to know more? Read on to find out.

Finding Out the Right Size for You

Whether you’re still a newbie or an experienced golf player, it wouldn’t hurt to discover new tips and tricks when it comes to finding the right size of grips for you. In determining the perfect fit, two essential aspects need to be covered. These are the length of your longest finger and the length of your longest finger to your wrist from your hand.

When the grip is small – The grip is too small when you see that two of your longest finger are digging into palm’s heel portion.

When the grip is of the right size – A visible gap can be noticed between the heel of your palms and your middle fingers.

When the grip is ideal for standard players – For standard players, a tiny gap between the heel and the middle fingers can be seen.

Reasons Why Oversize Grips Improve Your Gameplay

A lot of myths and assumptions are associated with the use of an oversized grip. Among those are better accuracy, persistence and distance. The truth is, an oversized grip does more than having the sensation of a good swing.

  • Ball Control

Having an oversized grip will make you apply less pressure, focusing your attention to making the right shot. Minimal pressure applied on a grip makes your hands feel at ease, comfortable and in control. When you are released from the tension of putting too much pressure, you can focus on accuracy.

  • Ball Path

As science would explain it, more pressure applied on a grip would redirect a swing, applying more force on it. Instead of being a careful golf player, you’ll become an instant baseball player aiming for the home run. An oversized grip will make you let loose on your grip applying delicate pressure just enough to swing the club.

Health Benefits

Just like how some horror stories go on the arena of sports, having ill-fitting equipment will lead you to a horrendous game performance or a tragic injury. With an oversized grip, you’ll minimise the risk of arthritis and hand discomfort. After all, you wouldn’t want to play a full 18-hole course of golf with an irritating pain in your hand that can last up to 4 hours. Talk about the torment.

Improve Game Confidence

Much like how oversized tees make one feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease, an oversized grip similarly makes a golfer feel these while in the middle of a tense game. If you want, you can invest in an oversized grip or borrow a friends’ grip and try if it improves your gameplay. If it does, then you know what you’ll need to do in becoming the best golf player in the block! 

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