Golf glove, which hand?

Golf glove, which hand?

To out lookers, proper equipment and gear can never be accounted for an athlete’s success in a game. However, professional players would beg to differ. With adequate playing equipment, athletes can optimise their gameplay and minimise the risks of injury. In the world of golf, you’d rarely see players without a golf glove in their hand. They consider it one of the essential pieces of gear when playing. Golf gloves are widely distributed and available for everyone to purchase. From the most luxurious ones that pro players use to the inexpensive ones that casual players have, it is essential to find the perfect fitting glove for you.

Essential Golf Glove Information

You may be wondering why golf players only have one glove on their hand. Before delving into this matter, we’ll discuss where golf players decide to put their gloves on and why.

In a nutshell, lefties will have to wear the golf glove in their right hand. Right-handers will have to put the golf glove in their left hand. The reason for this complicated set-up is because grip and swing precision is prioritised. You’ll need your dominant hand to control the force, trajectory and curvature of the ball with your swing.

For right-handers, almost every golf glove available out there in the market is available. You can choose from various colours and designs. However, for left-handed counterparts, the market is quite limited. Of course, you can look for other golfing stores and request it. As recommended, golf buying should be done in designated physical stores of sporting equipment and wearables. Why? So that you can have a feel of the fitness of the glove in your hand. Purchasing one online might lead to fitting tragedies.

After Purchase Care

Caring for a golf glove is often a neglected task by most golfers. Admittedly, people tend to yank out their gloves after playing. Unrolling doesn’t help either. If you want to preserve and ensure the longevity of your golf glove, you can always let it slip off your fingers. A golf glove is subject to wear and tear and needs a quick replacement. At the same time, storing it in its proper place or compartment can help instead of throwing it in a golf bag with tees and balls.

When it’s your turn to put, gently pull the glove off from your fingers down to your hand. Do not get used to tearing or yanking the glove off of your hand.

Purchasing a golf glove isn’t an accessory that you don on the field; it serves a functionality that most golfers underestimate. It protects a golfer from cases of slippage and blisters. Before purchasing a glove, always remember having one serves a specific function that it needs to fulfil. Look for paddings in the palm area, a stretchy feel on the knuckles and as much as possible flex the glove when gripping the club.

Moreover, comfort should never be compromised. A golf glove should feel like your second skin. Not too loose, and not too tight, just perfect for your hand.

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