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About Camillo

Golf Business Wire was first established in 2013 by businessman Camillo Jarvis. Being a golf enthusiast himself, Camillo envisioned a platform where he can talk various topics related to gold, especially to golf betting where he has been exceptionally good.

At first, Camillo was not all that savvy about teaching people who to make safer golf bets. He was more fascinated by the processes and the concepts behind it. It was not until his friends approach him to learn more about golf betting that Camillo realized he can share what he already knows about the topic. He started by writing blogs about golf and made several articles on golf betting tips. The blog eventually caught and Camillo was able to nurture a loyal fan base of golf betting enthusiasts who want to learn the secrets and tips behind making great bets. Since then, he has spoken in several events and wrote a few best-selling books that outline his golf betting philosophy.

Camillo lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife Micah and three adorable children, Louise, Fernando, and Aubrey.

About Golf Business Wire

Golf betting is a discipline in and of itself. And like any other betting set-ups, it is governed by certain dynamics that need to be thoroughly understood by the very people who are taking part. It take a certain amount of skill to be able to find and create opportunities through golf betting. To develop such skill, education is always vital, which is why sites like Golf Business Wire exist.

This site provides a healthy dose of golf betting tips you can apply to make your mark as a bettor. Here, we can give you the latest news on the tournaments you should watch out for and nifty guides on betting tip results and betting odds that should give you a clearer view of what to expect.

Aside from tips, we can also provide you with a list of upcoming tournaments in your area and elsewhere in the United States. That way, you can keep yourself abreast of the latest events.

But aside from golf betting, we also provide expert tips for the sport itself. From the equipment right down to the techniques you should be using for your success, we can give you everything there is to know in becoming a golf player, whether you’ll be playing pro or as an amateur.


We at Golf Business Wire believe that sports play an important role in personality development. That being said, we make it our mission to promote sports among the youth by holding annual summer camps and sports clinics outside of Iowa.