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Blackpool north shore golf club

Blackpool north shore golf club

Do you want to enjoy an outstanding golf course? If so, Blackpool North Shore is for you. We will let you know what the amazing Blackpool North Shore has in store for you so you can get the most out of it in no time flat too.

Outstanding Golf Course

Blackpool North Shore is a great golf course that you need to visit today. The golf course is kept in a fantastic condition, which means that you will have a blast with your peers right away. That is something that they should be proud of too.

Blackpool North Shore has also the friendly staff that you have been seeking, which means that you will truly have fun while there. You will be returning to this golf course again and again because they truly have what you want at all times too.


More Fun

Do you want to have fun this summer? If so, Blackpool North Shore will allow you to get just that. This great golf course will give you what you need because it is very well maintained. This is important when you take into consideration the weather that it has to endure.

Fantastic greens will allow you to feel at home right away, and that is just part of the things Blackpool North Shore has in store for you. But the bunkers might lack just a little bit of sand, which is something that you will need to live with right away too.


Closed Holes

You might find some closed holes here and there, and that will make you feel disappointed. That is something that you will need to live with, and you will love it too. Blackpool North Shore is a very good golf course, and that is something that you need to take into consideration too.

You will also realize that the guys that are in the shop are great, and they will give you what you want. They are just part of the friendly staff that you have been waiting for these days too. You will get the friendly welcome that you have been seeking for a long time.

Remember that the famous Blackpool North Shore is here to stay for a long time. The amazing Blackpool North Shore will allow you to have a blast with your peers, and you will truly appreciate the neatness of the spot right off the bat too. Visit the famous Blackpool North Shore today so you can have even more fun.

How to bet on golf. The right way

How to bet on golf

Golf is considered an aristocratic sport, very popular worldwide. Its rules are quite simple – to pass all the holes in fewer strokes, scoring a ball in them.

Golf Betting Features

Tournaments in this sport are not as frequent as national football or basketball championships, so the trends and dynamics of players’ performance are more difficult to track here. For a long break between competitions, the balance of power may change. You will have to study statistics for a long time, which is publicly available on specialized portals.

Betters are interested not only in large tournaments such as the PGA Tour or The Ryder Cup but also local competitions, where many talented newcomers participate, sometimes completely underestimated. In this regard, it is very important to keep track of all the news from the world of golf and collect useful information, since even the slightest nuances can affect the result.

In bookmaker offices, the ratios can vary significantly. Also, golf is very characterized by a large difference in coefficients even between the participants who are in the neighbouring ranking. Therefore, before the game, it will be useful to study different offers and choose the appropriate option. Optionally, you can place a bet both on the team and on an individual player.

What should I look for before placing a bet?

  • The technical arsenal of players.
The game can take place in any weather, but in the rain, the impact of players’ technique is especially important. This element is not up to the mark at all, therefore, under poor conditions, golfers stronger in this regard should be given priority.
  • Performance statistics for this tournament.
Each platform has its own characteristics that affect the quality of the game. This information will help determine for whom this place is most favourable.
  • Competition
Venue In this sport, playing at home is of no small importance, which significantly motivates the players.

Golf Betting Types

  • Bet on winning a favourite.
It is a very popular form, however, it is worth considering that there are a priori low coefficients, therefore, even if the leader wins, the gain will be small. But his defeat can significantly empty the pockets.
  • Bet on a duel.
In this case, it is necessary to guess who will be the winner or there will be a draw.
  • Match-up bet (one on one).
It implies the determination of a better performance at the competitions of the participants of one pair.
  • Bet on the winner of the tournament.
It is attractive for its high odds, but it’s not easy to guess the best among the many participants (144 people take part in regular tournaments). In some cases, it is proposed to guess his citizenship, and each country has its own coefficient. The practice of the game of experienced betters shows that in order to avoid an increased risk, it is better to play it safe and put several ordinals on different participants.
  • Bet on prize places.
Requires specifying a place in the standings of the selected player.
  • Margin bet.
It is a special kind of handicap that requires you to guess whether the tournament will end early, the number of strokes of the winner or the difference between the strokes of the best player and the second winner.
  • Bet on the best golfer in the country.
Some bookmakers during major competitions offer to put on the leader among the players in favour of one state. An individual coefficient is proposed for each, depending on the level of skill, which can reach 25.0-30.0.
  • A series of special bets.
It is usually associated with important events in the world of golf. For example, it is supposed to determine the end time of a sports career of a player or to make a forecast of weather conditions in a separate competition.
Among other things, you can find rare and not very popular offers that can play very successfully. Among them are the bets on the best player from the group, on the smallest number of goals in the top three, on the winner in the selected round of the championship, on the participant’s exit to the next stage of the competition, on the total number of strokes for the season.
Golf is not one of the most popular sports, but its demand among betting is constantly growing. Success in betting here is largely due to the ability to deeply analyze the situation at a particular moment and to have complete information about the factors that influence the outcome of the game. Whether all this is worth the size of a potential win is up to everyone to decide.

how many clubs are allowed in a golf bag

how many clubs are allowed in a golf bag
In order to know how many clubs to include in a golf bag, it is important to know what types of clubs exist and what you need them for. It is convenient to know the parts of the golf club too. A club contains the following main parts: grip, shaft, and clubhead. The grip is where you hold the club. the shaft is the long cylinder shape of the club. The clubhead is the part that hits the ball. The loft is the slope of the part of the clubhead that hits the ball. Clubs vary in sizes so that you can easily adjust the type of shots you need during the game. There are six different types of golf clubs: driver. woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putter.


The driver is the biggest club. It has a long shaft and a huge bulbous clubhead. It is used for the first shot.


The woods (or fairway woods) have a similar shape than that of the driver, but they have a shorter shaft and a smaller clubhead. Some people even say that the driver is a 1-wood. Woods are used for long shots which the irons cannot reach. They are made of hollow metal, but they are still called woods because in the past they were made of wood.


The irons have a flat clubhead with parallel grooves. They are used for distances closer than about 200 yards from the green (shorter distances than the woods).


The hybrids are a mixture of the woods and the irons. They look like an iron, but with a slightly bulbous clubhead. They are the most recent type of club ever created (21st century). They are meant to substitute the irons, which is why they are numbered in the same way as the irons. It is a personal decision if you want to use them or not. Until recently they have been accepted in professional competitions.


Wedges look like irons, but they have a much greater loft. They are used when you want the ball to go higher than usual and with less horizontal distance. For example, when you want the ball to get out of the sand or above a tree. There are four main types of wedges (ordered with their increasing loft): pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.


The putter is used in the green to get the ball in the hole. There are many variations of this type of club, but the standard one is the most common.

Club Replacements

Woods are numbered from 3 to 25. Irons and hybrids are numbered from 1 to 9. As the numbers increase, the clubs get shorter shafts and greater lofts. This means that the higher the number of the club, the higher the ball will be shot (and with a shorter horizontal distance).
The replacement of the different types of clubs is a personal choice, but these are some general rules. Hybrids substitute irons of the same number. For example a 4-hybrid substitutes a 4-iron. Some woods substitute irons (or hybrids of the same number): a 4-wood substitutes a 2-iron, a 5-wood substitutes a 3-iron, a 7-wood substitutes a 4-iron, and a 9-wood substitutes a 5-iron. Some woods substitute wedges: 21-wood substitutes a pitching wedge, 23-wood substitutes a gap wedge, and a 25-wood substitutes a sand wedge.
As you practice you can start substituting one club for another, depending on which types you feel more comfortable (or the price that the different clubs have). This decision affects the types and quantities of clubs you include in your golf bag.

Golf clubs in the bag

The rules in golf tournaments can vary and it is important to check them in each tournament you assist to. However, the rules of the United States Golf Association (USGA) are respected in most golf associations. They determine that in a golf bag you are allowed to have 14 golf clubs. A very typical combination could be: driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, and putter. These are 12 clubs. You may add any two that you want, like a sand wedge (which you could need) or a lob wedge. Maybe you like hybrids and you substitute the first irons for hybrids (but check if you are allowed to play with them in the competition).

Penalties for Excess Clubs

Excess clubs will be declared out of play. The golfer will have a two-stroke penalty for each hole where an extra club was used. As a maximum penalty the player can get four strokes per round. You can only borrow a club from a partner you are teaming up with.

How long does it take to charge a 48 volt golf cart

How long does it take to charge a 48 volt golf cart - How long does it take to charge a 48 volt golf cart
A golf cart is a small motorised vehicle that is used by the people who play golf. This is used to enable them to move with their equipment used from one point to another without much struggle and time-wasting. It is a small electrical motor that is charged and it requires a driver. One would wish to know how long does it take to charge a 48-volt golf cart? And here we give you the answers to the question.
The duration of the charging time for this equipment depends on several factors. Some the factors to put into consideration include;

The quality of the battery used in the golf cart.

If the battery is new or it has not been used for a very long period of time and the initial charge has not been used completely, averagely with one hour ten minutes at most it should be fully charged. This duration will also depend on the type of charger that is being used. If the charger is heavy duty it will take an even lesser time to charge. Also if the battery cells are worn out or used for long it might take a longer time to charge. having used the same battery for a period of five consecutive years, it can take to even 10 hours of charging with a lightweight charger. With a heavy-duty charger, it might take the lesser time of like 5 hours or less.

The Discharge Depth of The Power cells.

The power cells of the golf cart battery will also determine how much its power it can retain and also the duration it will take during charging. Strong power cells with take a shorter time to charge unlike those that have been used for long and become weaker. They take in the charge slowly and thus taking a longer period of time. Strong power cells can easily tap the power supply and thus easy and fast to charge.

The frequency of use of the golf cart.

A frequently used golf cart is exposed to a high rate of wear and tear. The battery being engaged throughout will make it wear out as time goes. The battery cells will become weaker and weaker and thus will make it take a longer time than expected during charging. The pattern of use will also determine the duration of charge and the health of the golf cart battery. The user should ensure healthy practices of usage like ensuring that it charges fully and not straining the golf tray cart.
Having put in consideration the mention factors above, a battery that is in good condition should not take so much time to charge and that is when using a normal charger. With a heavy or light duty charger that is when variation comes in. Probably with a heavy-duty charger it will take a shorter time to charge. A battery that is still in good condition should take approximately 1-3 hours of charging with a normal charger. With a used battery that with five years of usage it can take approximately 7-10 hours of charge.

What is the diameter of a golf ball?

What is the diameter of a golf ball?
Golf, just like any other sport, is an exciting and engaging game. You not only need a club-and-ball to enjoy this beautiful game with family or friends. You need a few basic skills, an insight, and some technical expertise to be a pro golfer. However, international rules determine how the game is managed and overseen. From the score calculations to penalties and fairness, the game has been made easy and unrestricted. In this article, we will focus on answering one question most enthusiasts ask.
What is the diameter of a golf ball?
According to the R&A (the international governing body of golf), the diameter of a standard golf ball should not be smaller than 42.67mm (1.68 inches).
But, there is a slight difference in diameter when we look at the two major classifications of golf balls.i. The recreation golf ball – This ball has a minimum diameter of approximately 42.70mm. This type of ball is recommended for the slow-swinging golfers.
ii. The advanced/professional golf ball – Pro golf balls should have a diameter of not less than the 42.67mm. Pro golfers with a higher swinging speed usually prefer these kinds of balls.

How does the diameter of a golf ball affect the performance?

A golf ball needs to perform accurately when hit. The 42.67mm golf ball moves at specific symmetry, velocity, and distance for enhanced results/score. According to aerodynamic calculations, the angular upward lift and drag of a standard golf ball are improved to reduce sidespins and better the ball’s flight.

How is performance changed if the ball’s diameter is inaccurate?

If a golf ball is slightly larger or smaller than the 42.67mm, weight, trajectory, and behaviour change significantly.
A much heavier ball will perform below average if you intend to make a 3/4-swing whereas a lighter ball performs well.
To better your chances of becoming a pro-golfer, choose a golf ball with the standard (42.67mm) measurements.

What is the most common number of dimples on a golf ball?

What is the most common number of dimples on a golf ball?

A lot of golfers may never know, but a story once beholds the reason why golf balls have dimples. In Britain, where the seaside dunes would be swept with a wind’s blow, a golfer readies his aim towards his new, smooth and feathery ball. With a strong blow, the ball took off and not in a way that the golfer intended. After a careful examination, his new-ball seemingly has dents on it. Another swing and he discovered that the more he takes the shot, and the more the ball looks damaged, the straighter and higher the ball flew. Thus, golf ball dimples are originated.

The Physics Behind the Dimples

In a nutshell, a smooth and feathery ball possesses a larger surface area for the air to interflow than of a dented, damaged, round ball. Fantastically, every time a ball removed a portion of its surface, the lesser the air would impede its flight. Making the ball travel longer. The dimples are like wood chips taken out from a sculpture so that wind wouldn’t hinder the ball from flying great lengths.

It was in the mid-1800s where feathery golf balls were replaced with rubber ones obtained from the tree, Gutta Percha. Back then, golfers would carry a little hammer to beat the golf’s ball surface until no flat area is seen.

As time passed by where golf balls are no longer made by hand but are mass-produced, they were distributed with dimples.

The Reason Why Golf Balls Have Dimples

Thanks to the intervention of physics, it was discovered that a golf ball that has a smooth surface travels short with no aerodynamics to create the needed lift. In addition, the dents or the dimples, provide backspin that makes the ball launching easier.

Tested through a science experiment, a golf ball that has smooth surface could only travel for about 130 yards while one with dents made up to 290 yards with the same force of the swing.

The Number of Golf Ball Dimples

Curious to know how many dimples are in your golf ball without actually getting dizzy trying to count it one by one? The truth is, it varies. Each golf ball is unique when it comes to the number of dimples it contains. The same golf ball manufacturer releases varied models, and this does not assure that each contains the exact amount of dimples.

The great thing is, the average number of dimples among thousands released every year was discovered. And, that magical number is 336. Although it is reasonable for a golf ball to have 300-500 dimples, a golf ball can’t be riddled with dimples without gaps.

As all golfers know, symmetry is needed for a ball to fly in a specific direction. At the same time, it contributes the ball’s drag, spin and flight. If you try to look closely at a golf ball’s dimples, it’s spherical and is at a 0.001-inch depth. Going beyond this measure will significantly change the ball’s trajectory.

Golf glove, which hand?

Golf glove, which hand?

To out lookers, proper equipment and gear can never be accounted for an athlete’s success in a game. However, professional players would beg to differ. With adequate playing equipment, athletes can optimise their gameplay and minimise the risks of injury. In the world of golf, you’d rarely see players without a golf glove in their hand. They consider it one of the essential pieces of gear when playing. Golf gloves are widely distributed and available for everyone to purchase. From the most luxurious ones that pro players use to the inexpensive ones that casual players have, it is essential to find the perfect fitting glove for you.

Essential Golf Glove Information

You may be wondering why golf players only have one glove on their hand. Before delving into this matter, we’ll discuss where golf players decide to put their gloves on and why.

In a nutshell, lefties will have to wear the golf glove in their right hand. Right-handers will have to put the golf glove in their left hand. The reason for this complicated set-up is because grip and swing precision is prioritised. You’ll need your dominant hand to control the force, trajectory and curvature of the ball with your swing.

For right-handers, almost every golf glove available out there in the market is available. You can choose from various colours and designs. However, for left-handed counterparts, the market is quite limited. Of course, you can look for other golfing stores and request it. As recommended, golf buying should be done in designated physical stores of sporting equipment and wearables. Why? So that you can have a feel of the fitness of the glove in your hand. Purchasing one online might lead to fitting tragedies.

After Purchase Care

Caring for a golf glove is often a neglected task by most golfers. Admittedly, people tend to yank out their gloves after playing. Unrolling doesn’t help either. If you want to preserve and ensure the longevity of your golf glove, you can always let it slip off your fingers. A golf glove is subject to wear and tear and needs a quick replacement. At the same time, storing it in its proper place or compartment can help instead of throwing it in a golf bag with tees and balls.

When it’s your turn to put, gently pull the glove off from your fingers down to your hand. Do not get used to tearing or yanking the glove off of your hand.

Purchasing a golf glove isn’t an accessory that you don on the field; it serves a functionality that most golfers underestimate. It protects a golfer from cases of slippage and blisters. Before purchasing a glove, always remember having one serves a specific function that it needs to fulfil. Look for paddings in the palm area, a stretchy feel on the knuckles and as much as possible flex the glove when gripping the club.

Moreover, comfort should never be compromised. A golf glove should feel like your second skin. Not too loose, and not too tight, just perfect for your hand.

How to bend golf clubs lie angle at home

How to bend golf clubs lie angle at home

Much like in every sport, every athlete needs proper gear and equipment that is fitted to him and his play style. This, without being tested for grounds of disqualification. In a golf club, a swing is considered detrimental and is crucial in winning games.  For a golfer to optimise his swing, he’s going to need a golf club that is perfect for him. Most modern golf clubs consists of 3 major components: The grip, the shaft and the club’s head.

If you are a quaint physics enthusiast, you can derive that the perfect calculation for the ball’s direction lies in the force transferred from the golfer’s body to the ball and the club head’s position and handling. When the club’s head collides with the ball, curvature and flight direction is set. This can be the difference between scoring a hole-in-one or face-palming yourself in frustration. In this article, we’re going to determine how you can bend golf clubs lie angle all by yourself.

The Sharpie Method

Yes, we know how you’re raising your eyebrows with this one. But, you’ll be surprised by how effective this method is. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Using a black-inked Sharpie, draw a heavy line on one side of a golf ball. It should be visible or darkened so that its ink will transfer on the golf club when hit.
  2. Try hitting the golf ball with your full strength. This step will leave you with a mark on your golf club. If the line leaves a remarkably straight line, then your golf club is at its preferred angle. If the line is pointing at the toe of the club, the angle needs to be flattened to achieve a more vertical direction. If it’s pointing inwards, you’ll need to bend the club in a more upright direction.

Bending Irons

For a more elaborate and complete DIY set of instructions, here are five steps you can follow. Make sure to wear protective gear when handling equipment and tools to minimise injuries.

  • Register
    With the help of a bending machine, you can register your clubs in a horizontal-faced position. The head sole sits in between two iron sole clamps, and when the top clamp is engaged, the club will not slip.
  • Measuring the Club
    After registering the club, the next crucial step lies in measuring its lie angles. Carefully place the shaft plate against the club’s shaft. Make sure to put the lie plate under the shaft and take note of loft and lie angles.
  • Bending
    By using the bending bar, you can apply pressure to the hosel. Carefully remove each torque with short bumping motions with the bending bar. When bending, make sure you have assessed the degrees you need that is fitted for your club.
  • Re-measure
    Using the same process as the second step, you can assess if you have the perfect lie angle. If not, you can repeat the bending process. Just make sure to note your final measurements for future reference.

How big is a golf hole?

How big is a golf hole?

Although golf courses vary in difficulty, length and terrain display, there is a standard size for golf holes. In this article, we’ll discuss as to how this regulation was formulated and what its basis for derivation is. This nugget of information may seem irrelevant at first but once delved into the matter; you can strategise and even analyse the winning strike without having to worry about the ball bouncing out or slipping.

Arriving at a Standard

It is a given that holes must be a standard size of 4.25 inches in diameters. Some golfers may say that it is a tad small for a hole (making it difficult for them) and wishes for it to bigger. However, this regulation is not just a pick of the dice kind of thing. The universal size was formulated from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews with assistance from Musselburgh links.

What was initially referred to as the “hole cutters” from the 1700s to 1800s are now known to be “greenkeepers.” Their service offering primarily involved filling in old and unused holes and cutting new ones to use. As of that moment, no hole size is standardised, and it varied from one Musselburgh link to another link.

During 1892, Scotland’s Musselburgh purchased the very first golf hole cutter to have a uniform cut and size for golf holes. Up until this period, it still exists and is on display at the clubhouse of the course.

This standard hole-cutting took a while before it was implemented in various areas of the world. Evidence suggests that variances existed such as holes having a 6-inch diameter. This hole size was recorded in the Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms.

In 1891, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews ruled for a universal standard, the one that we have up to this date, the 4.25 inches in diameter for a golf hole. There were times when this size was attested to several inhibitions and an 8-inch hole, even a 15-inch was made to reflect the idea of having bigger holes preferable than the universal one.

The Considerations of Cutting a Golf Hole

  • Dimensions
    As stated, a hole should be 4.25 inches in diameter. Professional hole cutters must abide by this regulation. A slightly smaller hole or a bigger one can cause for an easier or a more challenging course to accomplish. At the same time, the depth of each hole must be 4 inches, minimum.
  • Accurate Cut
    A proper cutting tool is necessary to make the perfect hole for a golf course. These tools are designed to remove a cylinder-shaped base in just one pull. These holes can now be transported to another area without destroying its form.
  • Reinforcement
    A hole that has 4.25 inches in diameter can suffice for a regulation. However, it is recommended that additional reinforcement is installed to the hole so that it maintains its durability. Cups are plastic supports that are placed into the hole. It provides a clean area for golf balls to retrieve.

How Does Oversized Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

How Does Oversized Golf Grips Improve Your Game?

Like any other sports in the world, having the right equipment, unwavering discipline and perfect-fitting sportswear is all that you need to be the best you can ever be. In the fantastic world of golf, the right-fitting gloves will make you swing like a champ! However, a game-changer was discovered, and it turned out to be beneficial not just for pro golfers but for anyone that likes to play and enjoy the game. Oversized golf grips can improve your game performance! Are you interested to know more? Read on to find out.

Finding Out the Right Size for You

Whether you’re still a newbie or an experienced golf player, it wouldn’t hurt to discover new tips and tricks when it comes to finding the right size of grips for you. In determining the perfect fit, two essential aspects need to be covered. These are the length of your longest finger and the length of your longest finger to your wrist from your hand.

When the grip is small – The grip is too small when you see that two of your longest finger are digging into palm’s heel portion.

When the grip is of the right size – A visible gap can be noticed between the heel of your palms and your middle fingers.

When the grip is ideal for standard players – For standard players, a tiny gap between the heel and the middle fingers can be seen.

Reasons Why Oversize Grips Improve Your Gameplay

A lot of myths and assumptions are associated with the use of an oversized grip. Among those are better accuracy, persistence and distance. The truth is, an oversized grip does more than having the sensation of a good swing.

  • Ball Control

Having an oversized grip will make you apply less pressure, focusing your attention to making the right shot. Minimal pressure applied on a grip makes your hands feel at ease, comfortable and in control. When you are released from the tension of putting too much pressure, you can focus on accuracy.

  • Ball Path

As science would explain it, more pressure applied on a grip would redirect a swing, applying more force on it. Instead of being a careful golf player, you’ll become an instant baseball player aiming for the home run. An oversized grip will make you let loose on your grip applying delicate pressure just enough to swing the club.

Health Benefits

Just like how some horror stories go on the arena of sports, having ill-fitting equipment will lead you to a horrendous game performance or a tragic injury. With an oversized grip, you’ll minimise the risk of arthritis and hand discomfort. After all, you wouldn’t want to play a full 18-hole course of golf with an irritating pain in your hand that can last up to 4 hours. Talk about the torment.

Improve Game Confidence

Much like how oversized tees make one feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease, an oversized grip similarly makes a golfer feel these while in the middle of a tense game. If you want, you can invest in an oversized grip or borrow a friends’ grip and try if it improves your gameplay. If it does, then you know what you’ll need to do in becoming the best golf player in the block!